Rick Ross: An All-Star Weekend

I don't think it's a stretch to say that Rick Ross is one of the most polarizing figures in HipHop. Through his various trials and tribulations, many of which were documented and commented on here, Rozay has been able to navigate through terrain that would have easily derailed a weaker person's career.

As I've said before, I think the answer is simple. Ross keeps making songs people respond in grand fashion to. Others think it's a generational issue. The truth is that it's probably somewhere dead in the center. The authenticity meter isn't what it used to be, but nothing is what it used to be. I love the narrative of how things were better when I was younger, but how does it differ from the stories my parents were telling me when I was arguing with them over why HipHop was the truth?

At the same time supporters and detractors "argue" over Ross' merits, Ross is making moves that further engender or further infuriate-depending on where you stand- the masses. Having just added Wale and Meek Mill to his Maybach Music roster, then turning around and signing a distribution deal with Warner Bros., Ross could be setting himself up to be the next member of the HipHop moguls club. That would be the club with the names Simmons, Combs, Carter and Jackson on the placard outside the door.

*takes a break to allow for those laughing hysterically and those that instantaneously passed out time to recover*

As crazy as it sounds, think long and hard about what I just said. It's clear that Ross is in the conversation for "best rapper of his generation." Add in his own label. Then add in his endorsements. Still laughing? Let's think about it like this. Did you think that In My Lifetime Jay-Z would be where he is today? Hell, did you see Life and Times Jay-Z getting to where he is today, this after selling virtually the same amount of records as King William?

Hate, love or just like him, Ross is who he is. And he does what he does. Just don't act surprised when you wake one morning and see him on Oprah 2.0 talking about buying a country and establishing it as the planet's first true HipHop nation.

A littlew food for thought? Check out Ross' weekend in L.A. for the NBA All-Star Game

Ross touches down in L.A.


Video shoots, Dwight Howard and Wale

Busta Rhymes puts Ross in the category of "history maker."

Photo courtesy of Jeff Lombardo

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