Smoke Dza: Polo Da Don

Since the announcement of XXL's 2011 Freshman class was confirmed yesterday, there's been a buzz around the Internet on how some of the selections and those who were left out.

As much as I want to question the class, I struggle with coming up with an argument for or against the majority of the inclusions. Yelawolf had an amazing 2010, which culminated in signing to Shady Records. Diggy had a relatively quiet 2010 on the music front, but has a promising future. While I'm sure Cyhi has paid his dues, he's still relatively new to the scene. Does he deserve to be in this year's class when you could have argued that the same case could have been made for K.R.I.T. last year. Or is it the Kanye co-sign that sealed the deal. Who the hell is Lil Twist; other than a member of the highly influential YMCMB family? You get the drift.

Then there are the omissions. While I realize narrowing the list to 10 11 wasn't easy, I think XXL missed the boat on Smoke Dza. Anyone who's been paying attention for the last year or so knows that Dza has been one of the few artists dropping consistently dope music. Maybe next year will be his time to shine on the cover. Until then, check out the new video for Dza's latest drop Ralph Lifshitz.

Smoke Dza- Ralph Lifshitz

Dza's new project, T.H.C. drops in April.

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