Stalley: Lincoln Way Nights

What do you know about a city called Massillon, OH?

If you're like me the first time I asked myself the question, the answer falls somewhere between "absolutely nothing" and "why the eff do I care." Last week, I found myself asking the question again.

As I listened to Stalley's new mixtape Lincoln Way Night, I was instantly reminded that the MC with the third most famous beard(Freeway, Rick Ross) in HipHop was the product of the city just south of Cleveland. As I made my way through each track I found a lot of irony in what I was hearing. A little under a year and a half ago Stalley dropped what I believe was the project that put him on the map. The mixtape was called Autobiography. However, after five or six listens, I'd argue that Lincoln is the more autobiographical collection of work.

Another thing that caught my attention was the three words that immediately follow the main title. HipHop is bass crazy, so we're all at least vaguely familiar with the term "trunk music." But what exactly is "Intelligent Trunk Music?" In short, ITM is a sonic departure from the foundation that was Autobiography. Replacing the jazzy loops and melodies are harder drums and horns and deeper bass lines, all while maintaining the same measure of soulfulness that allows Stalley's laid back, conversational style to shine.

Lyrically, Stalley sounds more confident and sure of himself as an MC. Take Monkey Ish for instance. Featuring a sample of Pimp C's famous line from Three Six Mafia's Sippin on Some Syrup, Stalley addresses the "slave master mentality" of the industry and the artists that subscribe to it along with the "followers lost in clouds of smoke" that don't get taken seriously by society.

While criticizing others is always easy to do, it's important to note that Stalley also spends time looking in the mirror at himself. Trying to find the balance between his own wants and the desire to take care of his family

Overall, Lincoln is an impressive follow-up to an already dope beginning. Deciding to leave the Milq for "the Honey" may have been a difficult decision, but this project makes it clear that Milq will always run through Stalley's veins.

Joints to Check For:

See the Milq in My Chevy (The violins!)
The Night
The Sound of Silence
She Hates the Bass
Milq N Honey

Stalley- Lincoln Way Night (Intelligent Trunk Music)

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