Teedra Moses: "Teedra Moses"

It's quite possible that you've never heard of Teedra Moses, which also means you've never heard her or seen her. Rather than wax poetically about why you're losing at life for not knowing, I'ma turn things over to Little Brother's Big Pooh.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, peep the visuals to Moses' new track R U 4 Real, featuring Mr. No Hands.

Fellas, tell me you're not saying the same exact thing as Big Pooh right now. lol

It's pretty eff-ing awesome to have some new material from Moses. It seems like it's been forever since Complex Simplicity, one of the best RnB albums of the 2000's, dropped. The album chronicles the ups and downs of life and love from the perspective of a woman who fits Fabolous' "enough class for wine, still handle patron" description beautifully.

If you live in the D.M.V. you're in luck. Moses will be in DC on March 11 at Park. Do yourself a favor and be there!

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