Theophilus London: London on Letterman

This past Monday Theophilus London made his debut on national television with a performance of Why Even Try off of his new EP Lover's Holiday.

You probably watched this and...you might not have even watched the whole thing. Either way, you might be asking yourself whether I'm a credible source for "hot" music. The only thing I can tell you is that London has the game on smash. Considering that he's toured the world over the last two years and his music is featured in a Mountain Dew commercial airing right now, I'd say he has to be doing something right.

Why Even Try isn't my favorite record from London's catalogue, but he's got some certified bangers. That's why I'm going to check out his show next week. It's going to be an event and I refuse to miss it.

Click the London tag below and do some research. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised, which would make me justified in posting this video. If you find yourself scratching your head even more, there's more than enough on this site that should allow me to keep my credibility firmly in place.

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