When Rick Ross went after 50 Cent on Mafia Music, I figured Ross' time in the game was coming to an end. Even though his first two albums were successful, I just couldn't see him being able to get past his C.O. past and the relentless verocity with which 50 attacks his "enemies."

Yet, roughly two years since the beef came to the forefront, Ross is still here and more popular than he's every been; probably more popular than 50 at this point (not to be confused with net worth). Being the first rapper to defeat 50 helped, but the real reason for his success is the music. When Deeper Than Rap dropped, the impact of the of the near classic was...uhh...deep. The John Legend-assisted Magnificent was undeniable, and even a contemptible track like Rich Off Cocaine was too smooth to not get played and brought back before moving on to the next track.

Then, as an encore, Ross drops Albert Anatasia, which features the song of the summer, B.M.F., followed by his fourth number one album Teflon Don. And none of this takes into consideration the multiple remixes- street and official- he murdered.

I've tried to take credit away from Ross multiple times, but he's always found away to shut me up. He'll forever have critics (including me), but I also recognize a winner when I see one. Ross' non-stop work ethos has made him an unstoppable force. Salute him as he turns the industry into ashes and his detractors to dust.

Rick Ross minus Kanye West- Devil In a New Dress

Rick Ross- Ashes to Ashes (Re-release)

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