A View From Above

I could front like I know all about the songs on Jerome Baker III's new mix entitled A View From the Top, but I'd be lying. So rather than lie to you, I'ma let Rome tell you what you can expect.

[A View From the Top is] full of great nu disco songs (Azai & III, Eli Esco), classic house jams (Crystal Waters, jomanda,) holler board bangers (LABERGE), and some of the newer songs the kids are losing their shit [to]at Uhall (YSLM, [Bitch You] Breakfast, Could This Be Real). Can't forget about Baltimore as BRING IN THE CACKS, had to be included and whats a mix these days without a song from the busiest man in the record industry, The Dream. Front if u want, but Yamaha is a BANNNNNGGGGEEEERRRRR!
All I can tell you is this was the perfect "pick me up" for a slow Wednesday afternoon. Oh and, BRING IN THE CACKS! That's my ish.

Better Than Yours & Jerome Baker III present A View From the Top

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