Dom Kennedy: OG

There's nothing that my last tape/ really aint prove.

He got signed in '09, why he ain't drop no disc?
Even though XXL overlooked him, Dom Kennedy won't be stopped . While everyone was waiting for the sequel to Westside With Love, Kennedy decided to drop The Original just to let the world know that the "dope" part in his Twitter handle and web site isn't a fluke.

Sounding a little more west coast oriented than Westside on the production side, The Original is the perfect title of the mixtape since these are the sounds that influenced the Leimert Park representative to grab the mic and become one of the undeniable forces growing out of the west these days.
If you're a Kennedy fan, you know what to expect: a laid back flow that highlight dope rhymes, women and having a good time. Joints like Playa Punch, The Homies and Turn Me Out feature synths that remind you of that trademark 90's west coast sound. Meanwhile, On My Way Home feels just like Summertime in the L.B.C. and the CDC seemingly replicates the bass line of Whoop That Trick with a piano.

On the rhymes side of things, Kennedy does what he does best. With his laid back delivery on display, The Original is comprised of rhymes about women, weed and having fun for the most part. But in between those moments Kennedy cleverly inserts commentary on HipHop, social issues and other topics. When I first listened to Westside, it was a point that I completely missed. I got lazy and only listened on the top layer.

All in all The Original is the perfect 'tape for east coasters and mid-westerners just starting to come out of the cold winter and warm weather folks who just need something new to ride to.

Joints to check for:

The Homies
Bet You Want Me Now
N*gga 4 Life
On My Way Home

Dom Kennedy- The Original


Just before the 'tape dropped on Friday

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