E Major & DJ Face: Louder!

Tributes can be a risky thing. The notion of honoring an inspiration is noble, but there's a certain pressure that comes with ensuring said tribute will actually end up being tributary. A perfect example of this could be BET's tribute to Michael Jackson back in '09. Granted, they only had a couple of days to pull it off, but it just didn't live up to the hype or the legacy that MJ left behind. It took a year and Chris Brown getting hot again to make things right.

When E-Major hit me up to let me know he and Sean Armstrong (DJ Face) were dropping a Dilla tribute EP, I was a little worried. Since his passing, there have been a number of tributes honoring one of HipHop's biggest and brightest luminaries; many of them probably should have been left as a thought as the product didn't deliver.

Taking a small handful of Dilla's beats and applying the K.I.S.S. method, Armstrong and Major deliver a tribute that Dilla fans everywhere can respect and appreciate. Instead of making a series of redundant "Dilla is the best" and "Dilla we miss you" songs, Louder! features the two MCs doing what they do best- dropping dope rhymes over dope beats. It just so happens to be beats from the legend known as J Dilla.

We put this project together in the name of J Dilla because we believe that he was truly one the best artists to ever work in Hip Hop. Dilla has touched many lives with his music and continues to in his absence. He’s inspired a whole generation of musicians and this is our way of honoring him ... through music.
Under Sound Music presents Sean Armstrong & E-Major- Louder! (A Tribute to J Dilla)

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