Jay-Z: You Love My Style

A lot comes to mind when you think about Jay-Z these days. There's his music, his clothing line, his fortune and his wife just to name a few. When it comes to his music, the items at the top of the list are probably his word play, his in your face bravado and his penchant for making his story relatable to others who have never experienced or even seen the things he talks about.

One of the things I think gets lost in all that encompasses Hov is his style and flow. Word play is word play and storytelling is storytelling. The thing that makes or break either of these is the delivery. If nothing else, the adage of "what you say not being as important as how it's said" definitely rings true when it comes to differentiating rappers. In this video from his Decoded iPhone app, Jay-Z talks about the evolution of his style, the origin of his subject matter and what it all really means.

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