Laelo Hood: Truth Teller

Just like everything else in life, HipHop needs balance to survive. If the scales tip too heavily in any one direction, the culture many of us love so dearly could easily topple over in destruction. While mainstream outlets would have you believe that ballin', b!tches, weed and fast cars are the end all be all to HipHop music, members of the culture know better. The simple fact is that the machine of the entertainment industry is based on creating illusions that enamor audiences the same way fairy tales do to kids. And the vast majority of us are guilty of helping the machine thrive. At the same time, we also recognize the need for balance.

Balance for Laelo Hood is shedding light on the struggles he faces as an artist and a man. Not Afraid, the latest drop from his recently released album F*ck The World features Laelo addressing issues ranging from paying bills to censorship, something you wouldn't necessarily expect on an indie label.

Label makin' me change lyrics
Always tryin' to censor me
Actin' all surprised
Like they aint know my history
Overok like Laelo you gotta channel all that energy
But I'm just tryin' to make sure these muthaf*ck@s remember me

I realize that some people don't need to be reminded of their own situations when they listen to music. I just happen to be one who does. I love the glamour and the struggle expressed in HipHop.

F*ck The World is available at all of your favorite online retailers including Bandcamp.

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