Lyve Muzik: Sorry Ms. Jackson

As if Janet Jackson's music wasn't already bangin' on it's own, for the second time in about six weeks, a beat master has taken a handful of Ms. Jackson's songs and reinvented them. First up was Fresh Nerd. Now, tune your ears into the chopping abilities of NYC's Lyve Muzik

Lyve- Sorry Ms. Jackson

So which one is better? I think it's close, but I'd have to give it to Lyve. The way he chopped the tracks is ridiculous. But I like Fresh Nerd's flip of Funny How Time Flies better. Either way you can't go wrong, so instead of comparing them, thrown them on your iPod as one playlist and zone out.

Shouts to RIK

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Hole N Idown said...

this nigga Lyve completely gave this concept a facelift. Then next dude just looped mad basic shit.

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