Melo X: My Melo, My Man Pt. I

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It's nothing short of criminal that I haven't been posting the dope sauce that Melo X has been dropping over the last few months. I don't have an excuse for it other than to say that I really eff with this guy's music, so I completely effed up by not doing so. Here's my plan of reversal. Let's call it the Melo X Mega Post consisting of back-to-back posts that include EPs, one-offs and videos.

You ready? Lesgo!

Back in December, Melo dropped an EP entitled More Merch. If you've paid attention to any of my posts pertaining to the God MC...producer/writer/photographer/etc., then you would know that Melo X is probably the most complete "unknown" artist making music these days. If he were to miraculously become an "overnight sensation" tomorrow, then he'd immediately be on Kanye's level in terms of artists that create music that is equal parts auditory and visual. Reread that last sentence again if you think I'm joking because I'm not.

More Merch finds Melo on his smooth tip as the project focuses on the concept of love, the majority of which is dedicated to the female species. But it also extends to his love of the Black Apple. Statue of Liberty, produced by Soundwave, features fellow Brooklyn native Telli of Ninja Sonik joining Melo to talk about the city they've wedded themselves to.

Bringing closure to this bubble of love he's created, Melo includes a couple of reminders to let everyone know that he's still an ill MC. The EP's title track features Melo going in the crowded field of rappers:

This is why you could never have a better flow
Got no passion when you rap
You just follow the status quo
Play your part
We all can't be rappers
Like fake n!gg@z
Yall all can't be actors
Reading from the same script
Tweetin bout the same ish
I just hear a beat and make the pain drip

In short, More Merch is another solid pillar in the legacy Melo X is building. One day sleepers are going to wake and wonder where the hell this monster of a career came from. I'm just happy knowing I got to watch it while it was happening.

For direct insight into the project, check out this EPK featuring Melo X and a couple of his frequent collaborators.

Melo X- More Merch

A couple of Melo X remixes

MeLo-X, Jamie XX and Adele singing about her ex, there’s enough X’s on this track to get it banned in theaters haha. Either way, MeLo had to jump on this remix and tell his side of the story on his relationships ups and downs. This was originally scheduled for More Merch back in December but MeLo decided to keep it locked in the vault. Now is the time to release this gem in support of Adele’s new album 21.

Adele ft Jamie XX & Melo X- Rolling in the Deep (Melo X rmx)

MeLo-X takes MJ Cole & Wiley's From The Drop and gives it an Xtra shot right down the line in one take. Melo continues his UK stomp with this new jawn and shows love to his Jamaican bruvs in the process.

Melo X- Xtra Drop

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