MMJB: Money Makin'

It's been a minute since I posted the first episode of Highsnobiety's Money Making Jam Boys web series. In episode two, Nick Schonberger sits down with Dice Raw to talk about the origin of the group. He also backs up what I said about Black Thought.

Episode three features a sit down with the youngest member of the crew, STS (Sugar Tongue Slim). He talks about the differences of writing for a solo project versus a group project and how that thing I said about Black Thought was spot on.

Truck North is the featured guest on the fourth episode. In it he gives reasons why rappers no longer have the hunger to be nice and how being in a group with the quality of MCs that make up the MMJB makes everything they do better.

Next up should be the Osiris of the group, P.O.R.N. Or not. The comparisons to ODB alone make the probability of his interview at 50-50 situation at best.

If you haven't done so, download the Money Making Jam Boys The Prestige mixtape (presented by 10 Deep) now!

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