Nike Nando: Love Is Love

Love is a muthaf*cka when you step back and think about it:
  • No feeling can be simultaneously as euphoric and as destructive as love. 
  • The risk/reward quotient associated with love is unrivaled.
  • It consumes us on the daily.
  • Everything we do is in the name of love- directly or indirectly. 
  • Even when we think we aren't acting on it's behalf, love is hunting us down. 
  • People have literally been born again and died a thousand deaths as a result of it's equally cold and warm heart.
Even though it's been written and talked about since the dawn of time, it's amazing that there's still an infinite amount of things left to be said about it.

On his latest mixtape Love Day, Delorean Music Group's Nike Nando, explores love through the lens of his career and the opposite sex. In exploring his experiences with both, he exposes the trials and tribulations that have at times motivated and discouraged him from reaching his goals.

Right off the bat, Nando sets the tone by letting everyone know that he's representing for, the "losers," "unspoken for," "emo kids," "high school drop outs" and "so called losers that popular kids locked out" all in the name of his new motto "Eff Hate. Love Day."

In representing these outcasts, a group he identifies with on multiple levels, Nando recognizes being "different" is the driving force behind the thing he loves the most- music. "Different" also keeps the veteran in music years, but still young MC grounded as he's smart enough to know that even with his many successes he is still On [His] Way with So Far To Go. It also helps him to accept, "that they can't see what I can see in you," without becoming discouraged on the banjo-assisted Might Take Forever

If this were '89 and Love Day was on a tape, the B side would probably be labeled something along the lines: love, hate and pimpin aint easy.

Kicking things off with a puppy love type anthem on the Ihsan Bilal-assisted Slow, things take a turn for the worst when an Argument leads to Nando telling his lady to Get Over Herself, over a Sonic the Hedgehog inspired track.

Free from the strain of a relationship turned sour, Nando's gets back on his A-game when his accent leads to jewelry offers in the form of pearl necklaces on The Future. Yet and still, love rules the day. So things move progressively to rings for a certain young lady who can make the Earthquake without being a "rolla." But don't get it twisted, there's no Savin going on.

Wrapping up the main portion of Love Day, Born to Lose finds Nando re-examining everything that has happened in his lifetime. Despite all of the pit falls and hardships, me realizes that being born to lose doesn't mean the story has to end that way.

When it all comes down to it Love Day is an examination of the personal experiences of a young man trying to figure out the world and his place in it. By recognizing the force with which love controls our every action, Nando has put himself in the perfect position to achieve his goals.

Nike Nando- Love Day


While you download the tape, take a few minutes to learn more about the man behind the artist and the artist behind the man.

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