Pac Div: Mania Music

One of the greatest things about this time of year- besides the longer days and warmer temps.- is all of the new music that floods the Interwebs. While at SXSW a couple of weeks ago, I got word that Pac Div had made a dope contribution to the flood with the release their new mixtape, Mania!, earlier this month.

When I hit their site to check it out, it kind of dawned on me that I hadn't posted anything from the L.A. trio in forever. In fact, it was way back in 2009. I then wondered how in the hell could I have missed an entire year in the life of Pac Div. Really, I was dumbfounded (a lot easier than you think when it comes to the guy banging out these paragraphs).

It wasn't until I checked out this interview with MTV that I realized that I hadn't been sleeping on them so much as they had taken a step back to re-evaluate their situation. Now that they're officially back, the underground/indie HipHop scene is in a much better place.

Download Mania! You'll be happy that you did.

Pac Div- Mania (Hosted by Don Cannon)

Bonus: Visuals

Take Em High


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