Rome Cee: By Your Side

Depending on your perspective and understanding of its ways, the hood can look very one dimensional. If you let the media or people without a real clue tell it, the hood is a souless place where the poor and lazy live and drugs and ignornace reign supreme.

If you were to ask anyone that lives there or that has a clue, I doubt anyone would deny any of those characterizations. Except, it's only a portion of the greater reality. There are also hard working folks with jobs, folks working hard to improve their community and even folks with dreams other than being the next big time rapper or athelete. Just as their is a diverse group of people in the gated communities of the suburbs, there is a diverse group of people living in the hood.

On his new single, By Your Side, Rome Cee, the newest member to the Under Sound music family explores the reality of being a father who wants to raise his daughters correctly, while avoiding the dealers, detractors and women looking for a handout.

Some of our nuhs made a couple K a day
We could never go back in time
It couldn't have went another way
Let's say
We could take some of what we learned out on the block
And take 50K and turn it into stock
That'll be by your side
To keep you satisfied

The Extra Mile drops on April 18.

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