Throwback Thursday: West Coast Cruise Control

As I mentioned last week at the beginning of theNate Dogg tribute post, I was already in a west coast state of mind thanks to Dom Kennedy. It just so happens that I'm still in that mindset, even if it's still cold out here in the metro area.

Hopefully, these joints inspire you to close your eyes and get that summertime feeling going.

To get this "summertime just before it's really summertime" party off to a great start, I have no other choice than to go with The Dove Shack's Summertime in the L.B.C. Taken from The Show soundtrack, this is one of my favorite summer joints of all time. If Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's Summertime had a little brother, it would be this song.

Next up, it wouldn't be Cali-inspired if it didn't include a crew representing the heritage of the red, green and white. You may have never heard of A Lighter Shade of Brown, but On A Sunday Afternoon is a top and/or windows down, chilling in the park banger.

West West yall!

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