Amber Mimz: Urban Romantic

Tomorrow is forecast to be a nice day, which means you'll probably be out and about enjoying the weather and the sights around the city. If you happen to be out shopping tomorrow evening in Georgetown, take a few hours out of day and spend them with one of the dopest songstresses in the D.M.V.

For the first time ever, Amber Mimz will be performing at the Apple store in Georgetown from 7-9PM.

The event is free99, so you have no reason not to check out what is guaranteed to be a great show.

To see Mimz's latest video and a performance at SOB's in NYC...

Amber Mimz ft Black Cobain- Urban Romance Avenue

Live at SOB's performing Candy Soft:

Another Creative Junkfood banger!

Urban Romance Session is available right now on iTunes!

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