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Guess how I'm spending my Saturday afternoon?

Even though I've neither been asked nor told that I was invited, I've decided to lend my support to a very worthy cause this weekend. The vast majority of the posts on this site highlight music and artists, but that doesn't mean I'm not socially conscious or aware of what's going on in society.

I've been mentoring (I hope that's what I'm doing) a kid from Baltimore over the last year, and now I'm expanding my community service initiatives to include one of the most damning things crippling our society. And rather than wax poetically about this tragedy from the comfort of my computer chair, I'm putting my time and expertise where my mouth is.

This Saturday from 1PM to 4PM at Jordan's Paradise Dance Studio, I'm going to be on-hand along with Chrissy T and A Choice Management for their very first Model Boot Camp.

Yes, that's right, folks. Ghostface Marcus is a man of the people, especially when said people are models. As a man who has studied many a model in my 30+ years, I recognize the rigors of being a model. And I also understand what it takes to be a model. That's why I'll be at the studio giving the kind of pointers that only a qualified professional such as myself can provide.

In case you're not aware of my resume, allow me to present my areas of expertise:
  • Fluffers: The lost art of photo shoot readiness
  • Hot or Not: Picking the right outfit
  • No Teeth: Ensuring the absence of food and other reasons why teeth can be problematic
  • Walking: Hating that you leaving, while loving to see you walk away
You know the most awesome-est (yes, it's a word...that I made up) thing about volunteering to help these models get to the next level? The fact that I'm probably the only straight dude who thought about volunteering his "services" for the event.

I Joke, I Kid

Please disregard all of the above information with the exception of the date and times. Unless you're slow or you think I was extremely convincing (thanks!), it should be obvious that I have nothing to do with this event. I am just the messenger in this regard. I'll be doing something completely manly like playing flag football (and watching all my female teammates run around in tight Under Armour gear) while this event is taking place.
The Real Deal

Chrissy and Barbara have come up with a great idea to help models of all levels of experience learn and develop their skills in the following areas: make up basics, runway, health & fitness and posing for the camera. The event starts at 1PM and goes until 4PM. Pre-registration ($20) is encouraged, but day of registrations ($30) are also welcomed.

This event is being sponsor by DCTellAll, Dollhouse Magazine, 4DG Productions, and Fuze Beverages.

If you're an aspiring model, this is where you should be on Saturday (even if I won't be there to fluff).

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