Markie Mark: Relax

Electric Relaxation is a great song, so it can be tricky when an artist decides to "remake" it. Luckily for everyone who loves the original, Markie Mark does a good job of infusing a little new blood into the song without creating something that would even make Lupe shake his head.

Our potential alchemy
Will grant us both amnesty
Into a cold world where we both living with apathy
Happily, baby I respect your chastity
Cause not respecting a goddess like you baby is blasphemy
Markie Mark- Relax (Directed by Dante Bailey)

Beyond the ode to one of the greatest groups of all time, the thing that most caught my attention was the innocence of the lyrics. I have no idea if Markie Mark is actually happy to sit around and wait for a female to decide to hop off the celibacy wagon, but I find the lines to be kind of refreshing in what has become too much of an oversexualized industry taking aim at minors.

As an adult who is much closer to 40 than 13-20 demographic, I wish more of our youth thought the way Mark does on this song rather than putting themselves in predicaments that could alter the trajectory of their lives forever*. But I'm not naive or blind. So if you are getting it in, make sure you protect yourself. Condoms are a whole lot cheaper than diapers and/or medicine and vaccinations.

* For the record I would have been quick to laugh in the face of someone saying this to me when I was that age, so I understand if that's what you did when you read the sentence- lol. Just don't forget the larger point of protection.

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