Oddisee: Lost and Found

There's nothing greater than finding something of value that you thought had previously been lost. Recently, the good folks over at Mello Music Group were organizing session files when they rediscovered some bonus material from Oddisee's Mental Liberation sessions. Being the good folks that they are, they decided to add them to the album and re-release the entire project from 2009 for free99.

Mental Liberation is nothing short of dope. While Oddisee stays true to his formula of hard complex beats and poignant rhymes, there's always something refreshing about each of his projects. I didn't have the pleasure (or is it foresight) to catch the album back in '09, but the dope thing about finding it two years later is that the music sounds like it was released yesterday for the first time.

With the inspiration for the album's re-relase centering around the bonus tracks, I would be remiss if I didn't let you know that, "the bonus material includes two instrumentals: one which was previously exclusive to Japanese vinyl called Is That Why You're Here? and the horn-heavy track entitled Revival. The third bonus cut is a track Oddisee produced that Motion Man laid [three] verses [to] called Holding It Back.

Joints to check for:

HipHop's Cool Again
Q&A (ft Kenn Starr)
Drug Outside rmx (ft Big Pooh & Black Milk)
When Everything Changed
Is That Why We're Here

Mello Music Group presents Oddisee- Mental Liberation

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