Phuture & XO: High Times

While checking out Flip The Script's Vimeo page to see if they had some new #GoodLifetuesday footage up, I stumbled across this Phuture and X.O. video they had done. Rather than watch it and keep it moving, I figured it was best to take two (views) and pass (it on to you).

As you can derive from my word choice and the freeze frame below, this song is about reaching "the next level," and without a doubt a special 4/20 drop.

Da Phuture & X.O. Feeling Like I'm Feeling (produced by Mark Henry)

Die Young DC presents

Feeling Like I'm Feeling was produced by the creative collective known as DYDC and directed by Flip The Script's Reiana Lorin and DYDC's L. Ndour.

With warm weather finally blessing the region on a consistent basis, be on the lookout for some dope events from DYDC.

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