Throwback Thursday: Smoothe da Hustler

Today's throwback post is inspired by the fact that I finally found an reasonably-priced copy of Smoothe da Hustler's Once Upon a Time in America. On the strength of Broken Language alone, I copped the CD when it dropped in '96. But I somehow lost it back in '04.

As I tweeted last weekend, coming across this CD for $13 was a coup. Since the CD is out-of-print, coming across a copy less than $25 had been difficult. I've even seen mint copies going for $50+.

Anyway, check out one of the illest songs of the 90's. I was mesmerized every time this video came on Rap City.

The cool thing is I still get mesmerized every time I hear it. The beat and lyrics go so hard that's it's damn near impossible not to scrounge up my face and nod my head with my arms crossed. lol

This next joint didn't get the video treatment, but it's one of my favorite joints on the album.

4/1/11 Update: File this under the "like minds" category. I just saw that HipHop DX linked up with Smoothe for their Timeless series. Check it out as Smoothe and his brother Trigga Tha Gambler revisit Once Upon A Time in America and a bunch of other experiences.

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