Pro'verb: The Waiting Game

You know how your parents and grandparents are always telling you that good things come to those that wait? This may be one of those instances where there's a tangible good that comes from a prolonged wait. So much so, that the title of the project tells you so.

Tomorrow, the super battle rapper extraordinaire Pro'verb returns to the game with his new mixtape entitled While You're Waiting. The highly-anticipated mixtape features guest appearances from Lyriciss, RAtheMC, DC Don Juan, yU of Diamond District, and many more. Produces include Mark Henry, J-Scrilla, Grussle, Kokayi and Saint John just to name of few of the collaborators.

Until tomorrow manifests, check out this new joint from Pro featuring RAtheMC and Reesa Renee called Can't Forget About You.

If you haven't heard of Pro, do yourself a favor and check out the mixtape. To be such an accomplished battle rapper, there are only a handful of times when the artist can fluidly transition to song-making mode and create dope songs. Pro is definitely one of the chose few who can!

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