Uptown X.O.: Monumental Again

Continuing his recent pattern of dropping a new project every year, Northwest D.C.'s Uptown X.O. is back with the sequel to one of his most successful mixtapes to date. Monumental II, produced entirely by AB the Pro, also features Diamond District, Fat Trel and Gordo Berga.

As is the case with his last mixtape, One One Ten, Monumental the sequel finds X.O. once again showcasing his growth as an MC. There's really no need to rehash what's already been said, so I'm just going to let the music speak for itself.

Joints to check for:

Long Gone (ft AB the Pro)
Sound of Summer
Tol You So (ft Diamond District & Fat Trel)
Don't Stop!
DC State of Mind
How Could You (ft AB the Pro)

Uptown X.O.- Monumental 2


Hurricane Irene approved visuals for Tol You So minus an appearance from NE's Fat Trel.

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