Laelo Hood: Trading Places

In preparation for his new album, Life in High Definition, Laelo Hood drops a new video filled with imagery that brings to life the thought-provoking lyrics.
Have you ever thought about what you would do if given the power of the Almighty for 24 hours? I'm sure some of you have. Some say it's arrogant to ever try to imagine what you would do with God's powers. What do you think? ... Laelo gives his take on what our world would be like if he had those powers.
Laelo Hood - Trading Places

Trading Places samples Placebo's 2003 Kate Bush's cover of Running Up That Hill. The song was produced by Bad Abbot. Visuals for the video were captured and edited by Chop N Shoot Films.

Laelo's new album Life in High Definition is slated to drop this winter.


Skinny ft Smoke Dza & Laelo Hood- Headband

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