Tabi Bonney: Parachute

You know how some collaborations always come dope? That's the exact relationship Cool Kids Forever Films and Tabi Bonney have. Check out the visuals to Tabi's lead single from his new album The Summer Years.

So now we rockin' steady
Every month's like February
She got me feelin like a kid when girls rocked jellies
I give her candies
In return she givin up her panties
The romantic shit is really starting to come in handy

Tell me this dude isn't one of the coolest in the game!

The Summer Years is out now. Hit your favorite mom and pop or online retailer to cop yours.


Ski Beatz ft Tabi Bonney- Frontin

Frontin is from Ski Beatz 24 Hour Karate School II, which is in stores now.

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