The Paxtons- "I'm Going"

Even though temperatures are currently in the hawk zone in NYC right now, The Paxtons are preparing to heat things up with next Tuesday's release of Avenue B, the second in the four part Avenue series. Before unleashing the new album, however, The Paxtons decided to take one last drive down Avenue A with the release of the official music video for I'm Going. Easily one of the most popular songs on Avenue A, the I'm Going visuals capture the essence of a beautiful summer day in Coney Island. And it also serves as the perfect bridge to Avenue B.

Avenue B drops on Tuesday!


In support of the release of Avenue B on Tuesday, the creative collective known as the South Shore Social Club will be hosting its second Block Party at Free Candy in Brooklyn. The event features performances by Nyle & The Naysayers, Mela Machinko, Fresh Daily, The Paxtons, Moe Greene, Ohboi! Niyre, Vanache & Sincere and 90′s hip hop, rnb, new jack swing, house & rare jams provided by DJ Obeycity & DJ All-En1. Admission is free with RSVP and $5 without.

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