Kane Mayfield: Hello

It's been a minute since Kane Mayfield came through and caught Wreck, but don't let that fool you into thinking he hasn't been in the proverbial gutters, back alleys and sewers honing his craft.

While HipHop continues to expand and infuse itself with genre-bending sounds, Kane stays true to his true school mentality with the release of Hello. One listen to Mayfield's grimy new banger and I promise you'll want to walk up to someone and slap the piss out of them for no reason other than because you felt like it. Hello!
Misconstrue what I told you
And misunderstandings with cannons
Lickin yo ass open
Yeah pause n$gga
yall n$ggas kill me wit that
get your men-tal focused

Say what you want, I'm old. Just as I stated in the Wreck write-up, I eff with the unfiltered and authentic throwback approach Kane takes to writing rhymes and choosing beats. I've gotten away from it as I've gotten older, but songs like Wreck and Hello take me back to the times of Pathfinders, Maximas, Acura Legends (Sidenote: I always loved the Vigor) and MPVs.

Kane Mayfield- Hello

B-More in this bitch. Hello!


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