Mickey Facts: The Arts

To say that I've been relatively ghost for the better part of a year or so would be a pretty big understatement. However, if there's been someone more ghost than me, it would have to be the artist who used to spit "Factz" but more recently has become a little bit of a MauSe.

Luckily, the following video hit the inbox yesterday and it serves as a reminder that the kid who has yet to drop an official album - yet was featured on XXL's Freshman list alongside current movers and shakers Wale, Kid Cudi and B.O.B. - is not ready to be forgotten.

To celebrate the life of Keith Haring, I decided to create a free flowing moment in art. With the assistance of Jake Bouvy, we create a piece of art that tells a detailed story of the time period MauSe lived in over NaS's classic Ny State Of Mind Part 2 Instrumental.

Whatever the reason for the hiatus was, the one thing I can definitely say is that it's great to hear Mickey back in the HipHop pocket. I enjoy the Alpha Factz, but it was his straight up HipHop spit game that initially made me take notice.

For a little more insight into the MickeyMau5 project, hit the jump and watch the interview with the artist known as Mickey MauSe.

Mickey MauSe The Soundtrack is scheduled to drop on March 26th.


ukash said...

amazing :)

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travesti said...

yes good

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