The Paxtons- Lil Bit of Living

A really good song has the power to pull the listener into a moment regardless of whether or not they are reliving a certain experience/feeling or experiencing it vicariously through the artist. Starting with the vocal mimicking of the underlying horns, the rhythmic congas and the easy going organ, The Paxtons' A Lil Bit of Livin' instantly transforms me to those mornings when I wake up feeling extra good about how things are going to play out for the rest of the day.

In many ways, Livin' feels like Act II of a play that began with Talib Kweli's Get By. Both of these songs embody that "waking up and assessing the day ahead" feeling to me. While Kweli's verison highlights the various trials and tribulations that people experience on a daily basis, the song simultaneously provides listeners with a solution (love) that can help get them out of their respective ruts. On the other hand, Livin' starts from a "something outta nothing" perspective that gives the listener a "day after Get By" type of feeling. Depending on how things start, Get By might need to get a few runs to set a new tone for the day ahead, but it's awesome to now have a new go-to song that picks up where it leaves off. If you haven't done so, give Livin' a few runs and see if it doesn't give you that same type of feeling.

A video for Livin' may be in the works, but until then, here it is live and straight from the monthly Block Party stage.
With the right light we can make poor look decadent

Lil Bit of Livin is featured on The Paxton's latest project, Avenue B. Preview/download it here.
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