Black Cobain - Perfect Contradiction

Even though I've seen him perform a handful of times, I've never taken the time to listen to any of Black Cobain's previous mixtapes. When I heard he was dropping a new one, I immediately knew that I needed to check it out. A lot can change in the span of a couple of years as an artist grows into their voice and settles into their lane, which is why I found the the title of the tape so timely.
I be confused
Do n*ggas want real or real life
Cause these rappers aint real in real life
This is my life
I'd rather lie under oath than in these bars

Black Cobain - Perfect Contradiction

My first couple of listens to Perfect Contradiction consisted of trying to find the obvious examples. They are there, but what I found was that they are no more contradictory than any other rap album. So then what should I be looking for?

One of the biggest questions I had going in was whether or not there was a shadow being cast over Cobizzy by his connection to Wale and MMG. By acknowledging and, ultimately, setting the contradictions aside (real or perceived), Black Cobain takes this as an opportunity to introduce listeners to the man behind the persona. And in doing so, provides himself with the platform to balance his personal story along with the things that come with that aforementioned shadow - access to "the life" and an up close and personal view of the next level (which could be as equally motivating as it is challenging in its own right). That isn't to say that he hasn't done it before, but there's a reason half of the intro is titled Hello Marcus and the tape ends with a song called Hunger (check the second verse BTW).

In between, the mixtape showcases Cobain's versatility, be it intimate rhymes over soulful beats, turning up with Fat Trel over trap beats or spitting raw shit with Cassie Veggies. Check out Perfection Contradiction and let me know what you think!

Joints to check for:

Intro (Sport and Mark Henry deliver some of the best horns I've heard since Pete Rock)
Glory Road (prod by Tone P)
Disrespectful (ft Cassie Veggies, prod JS)
Coastin (prod Tone P)

Additional Features: Tokyo Daimo, Aaron Wess, 
Additional Production Credits: Ill Wonka, Dun Deal, Aaron Wess, Cardo, Chi City and Osinachi

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