Kane Mayfield - White Collar

More than anything else, you should watch this video because Kane Mayfield is wearing suits. Not one, but multiple suits! And suspenders. Yeah, so watch the vid then read my write up and tell me how wrong I got it.

Here's the thing, as soon as I saw the title, I instantly thought of USA's show of the same name. So with a [Neil] Caffrey reference 20 seconds into the song/video, I already knew I was right where I needed to be. Until a few bars later when I wasn't.

Why? Because, as with all joints from Kane, there's multiple layers to the lyrics. (I'm also kind of rusty at this.) Seemingly throwaway lines that keep the flow in tact reveal more meaning than punchlines that immediately jump through the speakers. And there's always that feeling of being on the outside of an inside joke that Kane is more than happy to keep to himself.

As I let White Collar spin a few times, my mind jumped to a few different angles (like I said rusty) until I realized that Kane gives away the answer before even telling you the story. As a self proclaimed grifter, Kane's slide of hand techniques (read: "word play")come across in lines that at one moment position him as the victim ("in a detox environment, fans will bootleg you and tell you to your face it's fire and you special") only to become the unapologetic aggressor a few bars later ("aint no bargaining for respect. You give it. I take it. Free.")

On a larger scale though, White Collar speaks to the white lies being told everyday. It also speaks to Kane's integrity as an artist and as a human being. Despite his proclamation of the death of his hypocrisy, I can't help but notice that there's another slide of hand trick in play. While everyone knows that "keeping it real" really means "lie well enough to make us believe it," the honesty in Kane's music is, in some ways, his hypocrisy. Yet, so are the stories of the street life that flow so effortlessly.

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