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KingPen Slim drops the long-awaited video to his Marcus Canty-assisted single Hold You Down. Then Keep Going to get some insight on the storyline, embracing Domestic Violence Awareness month and what's next for the Uptown representer.

"I aint gon hold you back, I'ma hold you down."

Even though I missed the National Domestic Violence Month, KingPen Slim's words still ring true. Fellas, keep your hands to yourself. Walk away, smoke a blunt, take a shit. Whatever. Just do something else. It's zero-sum situation. Point. Blank. Period.

This might get me in trouble, but that goes for you too ladies. Some of yall purposely try to take advantage of the "a man should never hit a lady" rule. That's just as wrong in my humble opinion. Playing the, "so but blah, blah, blah" card isn't a good enough reason.

KingPen Slim
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 HipHop can be fickle and small-minded at times. Sometimes we don't like when our favorite artists venture outside of "their" lane. That's one of the things I found most interesting about the Hold You Down video. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that expected to see a video along the lines of this one. Am I? The serious subject matter was completely unexpected. (Like I said, small-minded.) So I reached out to KingPen Slim to get the scoop on how the video came to be.

gfm: What inspired you to take the song and connect it to such an important topic?

KPS: The song was inspired by a few things. It's a loose interpolation of Ready For The World's hit, Love You Down. At the time, I wanted to make an anthem for the ladies just to show my appreciation and let'em know we men are here for'em; on some man shit like "whatever you need, I got you." Then, as far as the video and it's message, I felt like, if we shot from the angle of portraying an abused woman, more people would resonate with the actual words in the song because I said things along those lines in my verses but I rapped'em fast so it might not catch you the first time.

gfm: The response to the song was already huge, what has the response been to the video?

KPS: The response to the video has been great. The women all love it and since that was the goal we happy with it. Since it took so long for the video to come out after the release of the actual song and we realized that October was Domestic Violence Awareness month it kinda fell into my lap.

gfm: What's the feeling of doing something like this when there is still a perception that "street" rappers can't be "conscious?"

KPS: I'm a different dude, I got many sides to me. This side is the side where I wanna play some music for my grandma and show her one of my videos because she is 87 and she wants to be in on what I'm doing. So the feeling is great when I showed it to her and saw her smile. She said something along the lines of "you turned out alright after all" and that meant a lot to me because it was one point when my grandma came to court and cried when I got my time. Full circle.

gfm: What's next: Is The Deep End still in the works? Any singles or release dates on the horizon?

KPS: The Deep End is no longer the title, but the project that was originally titled The Deep End is about 80% done. I got a New Year's deadline to turn it in to my label so every week I'm recording; I feel a song or two away. I can't reveal the title yet, but just know it's gonna shock the game and have all eyes on me just off the name alone. Y'all will get a single from me top of the year and the project top of the summer. It's my most personal project to date, I really focused on the message this go round. Excited about how it will be received.

There you have it, folks. The stars aligned for KPS to deliver the unexpected and the results are undeniable. Be on the look out for the new single and project. In the meantime, go do something that makes a loved one proud.

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