Nike Nando - World Domination

The desire to rule the world is nothing new, especially in HipHop. With the release of visuals for World Domination, you can officially add Nike Nando to list as he lays out his blueprint.

"I just wanna rule the world"

World Domination is one of my favorite tracks on #SPRDLV. With a simple, yet catchy and straight to the point hook, the song does an excellent job of connecting the listener to a thought and/or feeling we've all experienced at one time or another. Beyond that connection, it also forces (inspires?) you to consider your own plan simply by getting you to recite the hook a few times. And before you know it, you realize Nando's plan is already working.

Download #SPRDLV now and be on the lookout for #CouldBeWorse on Christmas Eve.

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