Behind the Beats: Polka Dot Edition

Here's why I find music so interesting. Artists come and go. They get hot and fizzle all in the seemingly blink of an eye. One day they are being crowned and the next day we try our best to behead them.

It isn't until years later that we stop, take a look back and really understand their impact on music or our actual appreciation of their artistry. I could spend an hour going over the careers of artists who fit this mold (Hammer and Ja Rule are just two quick examples), but instead I'll focus on an artist who truly became a trendsetter only to have a hungry, up and coming MC from Brooklyn crush his whole career with a line referencing said artist's trademark polka dots.

For those of you too young to know or too slow to connect those dots (no pun intended), the young Brooklyn MC goes by many monikers, but is best known as Biggie Smalls. The line, "your life is played out like Kwame and those fucking polka dots," pretty much pushed everyone to hop off the Kwame bandwagon even though many were either too cool to admit that they were ever on it or had already hopped off and moved on to the next thing.

Now that we've had a decade or two to properly process his career, we'd be lying to ourselves if we didn't acknowledge the impact Kwame made on HipHop, especially since the 80's/90's are living their respective second childhoods and there are more than a few high tops fades with gold/blonde streaks in the streets . For others it will simply be the polka dots while for all of us it should also be about the music. Ownlee Eue anyone?

Recently, Gadget and the Scratch Magazine TV crew caught up with Kwame to talk about his time behind the boards, how he got on and a bunch of other dope stories and perspectives.

Which story did you find more surprising? Ownlee Eue was written for someone else? Kwame's presence on Bel Biv Devoe's Poison? A famous rapper taking credit for Lloyd Banks' On Fire? The reminder (or revelation) that Salt-N-Pepper and Kid-N-Play never made a record together?

When I heard Gadget was going to interview Kwame, I'd be lying if I said that I was excited to see what he had to say. After watching the full interview, I'm happy I did because I learned a lot. And anyone calling themselves a producer could do the same by watching.

It wouldn't be right if I didn't post a couple of videos. Hit the jump and be prepared to jam.

The Rhythm

Ownlee Eue

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