New Music: Lyrical & Anterluz - Between the Lines

Sometimes rappers rapping over other rapper's beats is a good thing. Sometimes it turns out epically terrible. The thing that separates the two comes down to execution as artists have to try even harder to make sure their vision and voice don't get swallowed up by the shine of the original.

When it comes to evaluating Between the Lines, the thing that mattered to me the most was what happened the second after I realized what beat was being used. Check out Sweden's Lyrical and Cali's Anterluz as they take a few minutes to surf over Joey Bada$$'s Waves.

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Pops came from nothing and my moms did too
With that embedded in my soul, what you expect me to do
Got my degree but my ambition wasn't taught in school
I was driven by the will to show them I could do it too

I would be lying if I said that Lyrical and Anterluz didn't benefit from the dopeness cooked up by Freddie Joachim.Ultimately, I think they held it down and were able to showcase who they are as artists. What do you think?

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