Throwback Thursday - Redman

There was a 4-6 year period ('92 - '98) where you couldn't tell me the most consistent MC in the game wasn't a guy by the name Redman. Bar for bar and album for album, Redman always delivered. He was underground, he was funk, he was otherworldly and he was straight HipHop all wrapped in one ... blunt ... if you will.

During that time Redman dropped his classic debut, Whut The Album?, his somewhat misunderstood follow-up, Dare Iz a Darkside, and what many claim to be his strongest album, Muddy Waters. I'd even argue that you could throw in Docs Da Name and the argument would still be a legitimate one. And that doesn't even take into consideration Blackout, but it does the collaboration that started it all, How High. All of this leads me to an easy declaration that Redman was Top 5 in the 90's. While you let that sink in, how about we get to a couple of proof points?

Earlier today, my dude Straight Shoota sent a pic of Tonight's Da Night playing on the Sirius XM Backspin channel. As soon I saw it, the first thing that jumped out at me was the muted horns. The second thing was Hurricane G's perfectly-timed interruption that resets the song just as the listener settled in and found the perfect head nod to accompany the half mean mug, half smile on their face. Some of you might need a minute to find it, so take a minute to practice before hitting play.

Taken from Red's second album, I Can't Wait, shows you that videos in the neighborhood are iller than any one made in the club as well as what would happen if he and his crew ever starred in a live action version of the Muppet Babies.

If you're really on your music game you see a secondary thread connecting these two songs.

As I stated before the jump, there's another thread that connects these two songs beyond them being the respective second singles from Red's first two albums. That connection is none other than:

Rick James, bitch!! #RIP to the legend.

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