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There are some songs that instantly make an impression on you. Sometimes it's because the song automatically sounds familiar. Other times it can because your ears and body are transformed upon hearing even just a few seconds of it. In either case, the moment is special and has a lasting impression on you (or at least until you hate the song). The song/video posted below definitely falls in that first category but the overall feel, emotion, even construction, definitely places it in the later as well.

Because I'm old and still watch videos on my TV without the aid of a laptop, phone or tablet, I was recently sitting down and staring at a blank screen while the videos played in the background. Then, after one of those ubiquitous commercial breaks, I heard a familiar bassline and had to turn around to see what I was hearing. Just as I got fully turned around, the keys dropped in and I knew I was rocking to a new version of a classic jam that was coincidentally created a year before me. Like I said, old.

Anyway, enough talking. Check out The Internet's Dontcha:

What song out right now grooves better than this? Tell me. Please tell me. When you're coming up with your answer, make sure you think about the level of difficulty in bringing together the influences of Michael Jackson, a legendary every woman, Justin Timberlake and a little dash of Neptunes flavor without the song sounding like a terrible remake of We Are the World. I know some of you think it would be easy, but we've all seen our fair share of terrible mash-ups.

Regardless of whether or not you agree, the song is dope and it's going on a playlist immediately.

Keep Going
to see the artist and song that inspired Dontcha.

If you haven't figured it out, the song was by Rufus featuring a pre-solo Chaka Khan. The song is dope and if you haven't heard it at a cookout, then you've never been to a good cookout.

Sidenote: I don't keep up with my Odd Future news as often as I should and I have no idea why. Just about every time I hear something from them, I like it.

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