Video: Isiah Rashad - Ronnie Drake/ SZA - Ice Moon

Considering all of the recent talk about the "n-word," this song/video is well timed and reflective of how a whole lot of people feel about the word. Check out Isiah Rashad new's video Ronnie Drake. Then Keep Going to check out SZA's new video

Isiah Rashad ft SZA - Ronnie Drake
So don't call me a n*gga
Unless you call me my n*gga

This is literally the first song I've ever heard from Rashad. That second verse is the shit! I was planning on using a snippet of it as the call out quote, but the verse kept going and going; I would have ended up posting the entire thing. Do yourself a favor and run it back a few times like I did. There's a whole lot of quotables.

The first lady of TDE checks in with plans for a trip to your hiding place. Prepare to drawn into a trance by the chimes and SZA's sultry voice.

Ice Moon is featured on SZA's latest project, S. Stream and download it here.

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