Video: Kali Uchis - Por Vida

Upon first glance of the screen shot below, I thought I might be getting tricked into watching a Kreyshawn and/or V-Nasty video. As it turns out, I found yet another song (group of songs) that continues adding to my current appreciation for airy, trance-inducing songs. Check out Por Vida from VA-native, Kali Uchis as she takes you on a bit of a journey, both visually and musically.

Everybody wants it, everybody's waiting
Baby you should know that you're everything I'm craving
Can we take it slow, telling myself to be patient
Life is miserable every time the time is wasted

The video is a self-directed visual for Kali's upcoming project entitled Por Vida. It features scenes from Colombia, NYC and Freak City in Los Angelesnd a three unreleased tracks that were produced by JFK.

Por Vida is expected to drop in early 2014.

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