Funkadelic Freestyles: Christmas Edition

I had the awesome opportunity to sit in with Jamie, Boney Starks and Julian on their weekly Funkadelic Freestyles show on WLVS Radio last night. Considering it was my first time ever doing anything like it, I think it went well. But there's always a chance that I ruined it and/or said something that doesn't make sense. I ran the conversation back in my head this morning and had some additional thoughts on the "Christmas rap" topic.
  • Favorite Song: Part of our discussion centered around our favorite Christmas rap songs. I mentioned that, with all due respect to the legends RUN-DMC, my favorite Christmas rap song of all time was Snoop Dogg's Santa Claus Came Straight to the Ghetto. I was a sophomore in college and Snoop's career was in an interesting place when the song/video dropped. I wrote about it a few years ago. Check it out here.

  • Baltimore Club Music: Boney asked me about Baltimore Christmas songs, I hesitated because I had something in mind but couldn't think of all the particular details since it had been awhile since I heard it. As you can see from the tweet above, Mark Ronson and Aaron LaCrate DJ'd "some Christmas party," then released the live audio as a gift to everyone that couldn't be there. You can probably guess it was very dope. Download it.

Side Note: Being the friend that I am, I noticed the link I posted was dead. I uploaded the mix this morning so your holidays can now flourish.

  • Dipset: I never heard the their Christmas album. All I ever heard/was Bad Santa and I don't even think it was on the album.

Shout out to my man Boney for the invite! And shout to Jamie and Julian for letting me rock with them.

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