In the Mix: DJ Excel - Super Dope Exmas Mix

Like many kids around this time, I used to faithfully write, edit and rewrite my Christmas wish list. When I was younger, I remember going to the midnight service on Christmas Eve with the specific goal of throwing up a few last minute prayers for the things I wanted the most.

As I got older and started to better understand "Santa Claus," I remember searching the house for hiding spots for gifts (they were usually in our car trunk). I also remember lying in bed listening to my parents wrap gifts while I was supposed to be sleeping. In either case, I remember the ultimate reward of running down the steps and seeing a ton a gifts, some of which had my name on it. Those were the days!

Now that I'm older, Christmas means something slightly different. The excitement and mystery is gone and I find myself celebrating the day(s) off of work more than anything related to a tree, gifts, copious amounts of food or some guy named Santa Claus. If not for my nephews and nieces, you could label me a Grinch and I'd agree and keep it moving. Now, obviously, family time is always appreciated, but the simple fact of the matter is Christmas doesn't invoke the same excitement that it once did. That is, until I came across this DJ Excel holiday mix.

Says Excel:
If you're like me, you love Christmas but can only stand so much Christmas music. To be honest, there's only about a handful of songs I never really get tired of hearing. It's bad enough they start playing it right after Halloween, that by the time we get to Thanksgiving, I wanna kick kittens in the face. Now after some extensive therapy, I decided to gather all the #SUPERDOPEEXMAS tunes & make a mix for all the people who share my love/hate relationship for this magical holiday.

Now of course, I had to put my twist on these tunes. There's plenty of juggles & scratches for the heads! It's full of joints you know, some you may not & I through some classics in for good measure. Special shout out to Santa for blessing me the ill drop! Thas my man!
Super Dope Exmas Mix features all of the classics that we've come to love over the years and it's definitely put me in the festive mood.

Now that I'm in the mood, I guess I need to hit some stores because I haven't bought one gift yet.

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