Jay Z: 22 Two's

Today happens to be Jay Z's 44th birthday. In honor of 22 Two's, Keep Going for four of my favorite "under-the-radar, but not really" videos from the man born Shawn Carter.

Courtesy of Kiss Detroit

Dead Presidents

"We push the hottest V's, peel fast/ through the city, play Monopoly with real cash"

Sidenote: I just now realized that Big says "who shot ya" when he throws the dice. Wow.

Who Ya Wit

Besides the new verse, what's better than a hand-directed dance battle that ends with a chick pulling off her wig in approval?

Where I'm From

Gratuitous, yet comical violence? Yes please. One of the dopest straight-to-video films ever? You damn right! The debut of "throwing up the Roc?" I think so. Visuals to one of the hardest songs in his catalog. Winning!

Show Me What Ya Got

Even though the comeback got off to a rough start, I've liked this song since it debuted. When the Budweiser-sponsored video premiered, the song went up a level. Why? Because what's better than going from racing Jermaine Dupri than to riding shotgun with Dale Earnhardt Jr. as he races another real racer by the name of Danica Patrick? In Monaco no less! "If I'm not a hustler, what you call that?"

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