Video: DJ Earworm - United States of Pop 2013

When I saw the link to this video come across my timeline earlier today, I instantly knew what it was. At the same time, I also realized that I hadn't seen one of these in ages. So it's nice to have a step back into the cool crowd.

If you're not hip to the concept, DJ Earworm takes a handful of chart-topping songs and mashes them up into one big pop song menagerie. Some of the songs included are ones we loved while others we hated. Or loved then hated after hearing them so much. You could also be uncool like me and have never heard some of the songs or seen their accompanying videos. Wherever you fall in those catergories, know that the next five and a half minutes will be both awesome and leave you with a lot of questions.

Was I right? Do you have questions? Keep Going to see some of the ones that jumped out at me.

Dime by Grantland

Questions that need answers:

  • How did Earworm completely whiff on Ross' (in)famous line, especially since he teased us with those horns at the beginning?
  • What's Yeezy going to do when he finds out neither he nor Kim made the mix?
  • Speaking of Kanye, did you know Taylor Swift grew up to be the 5th Element?
  • I have no idea where those Will.I.Am clips came from because I never saw the video or heard the song (I'm pretty sure I didn't), but I hate it anyway. Wait, that's not a question. Let me rephrase it. What song/video are those Will.I.Am clips from? I need to look it up and then hate it immediately so I can keep whatever blogger credit I have left.
  • Another non-question: If you told me that the person at the 3:02 mark was Kel from Kenan and Kel, I'd believe you.
  • Did Justin Timberlake know he needed to do something special on his songs so he could kill it at the end of this one?
  • I can't be the only one that thinks Jay-Z showed up just to ensure Chris Brown didn't, right?

I, of course, had a couple of additional questions, but this post has gone on long enough. Shout out to DJ Earworm for always setting "Flashback" season off properly.

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