Video: Oddisee - Own Appeal

Ever wonder where Oddisee finds inspiration? What about his recording process? Living up to his name, Oddisee gives you some answers before giving you his Own Appeal.
I don't monitor the hits
An I don't monitor the clicks
I monitor the snare drum and
the bottom of kicks
Is anybody left that still fuck this true shit
then let me hear you scream over top of this Cru shit

I think it's fair to say this song was inspired in part by Slick Rick. First, let's start the name drop mentioned above. Cru's Just Another Case sampled Rick the Ruler's Children's Story. Then don't tell me you don't Dougie Fresh encouraging you to go and "come on," right? Tell me that Slick Rick connection doesn't Show.

Own Appeal is featured on Tangible Dream.

Bonus: Visuals to the After Thoughts instrumental

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