Video: The Truth - Elliott Wilson Interviews Q-Tip

Rap Radar's Elliott Wilson sits down with Q-Tip to discuss everything from the status of his group, A Tribe Called Quest (and their guest appearance on the Brooklyn stop to the Yeezus tour), to the impact culture has on his rhymes to the status of his next album among other topics. There's also a pretty good Busta Rhymes impression.Check out the interview below, then Keep Going to see the video for Busta Rhymes' new single, Thank You, which features The Abstract.

Busta Rhymes ft Q-Tip, Kanye West & Lil Wayne - Thank You

Can we all agree that this is the Busta Rhymes we love and want to see more of? Good. Now prepare yourselves for greatness when The Abstract and The Dragon, Busta and Tip's new mixtape, drops next week.

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