Aaliyah: Still One In A Million

Aaliyah would have been 35 today if she were still here with us in physical form. Luckily, her music continues to live on even in her "absence." To mark this occasion that we all refuse to be a somber one, here are two dope mixes for your listening pleasure. Pay homage and don't take this life for granted because it might not be here tomorrow.So without further adieu...

First, we start off with DJ Brainchild's 10-Year Letter: An Aaliyah Anniversary + Tribute Mix. I have been rocking with this mix for a little more than a year and a half. Any time I'm in a chill but let's groove type of mood, this is my go-to mix.

DJ Brainchild - 10-Year Letter: An Aaliyah Anniversary + Tribute Mix

Next up, is my DJ friend who has had the Internets on fire. She goes by the name DJ Heat and, as proven by the picture below, I am jealous of her. She stood thisclose to Aaliyah (velvet rope or not) and has visual proof to back it up. Some people get all the luck and I get to write about it.

DJ Heat - Aaliyah Birthday Mix

Just in case these mixes aren't enough for you, take a trip down memory lane with four of my favorite Aaliyah songs and videos.

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