Late last year Jerome Baker III and his partner in production, YOMIMBI, teamed up to bring DC and the world beyond some new club/house/ you could groove to. Their first release was dope (still is) and now they've finally let loose the entire EP.

I'm sure this is just a case of coincidence, but the EP is entitled Extended Play. According to the producers, the music "serves as an introduction to [the duo's] the various production styles" by incorporating a mix of "80's new wave, dance, deep house to the more tropical stylings of moombahton."

So without further hesitation, put your groove shoes on and check out Extended Play.

Both artists are influenced by music of today and yesteryear. They strive to create songs that appeal to all people and will leave no stone (or sound) unturned. Being able to showcase a diverse production ability was central in the creation and release of this EP - letting fans and fellow musicians alike know that this wasn’t anything trendy or expected to hear.

Beyond Soundcloud, you can also download Extended Play here.

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